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The Texas Constitutional Amendment Election: Nov. 7 

The Nov. 7 Texas constitutional amendment election is quickly approaching, and Opportunity Austin is asking for your vote to help secure the future of Texas’ economy. 

Below is a list of propositions Opportunity Austin endorsed during the 88th Texas Legislative session you can help become law. Remember to vote YES on the following: 

Proposition 5: Texas University Fund

This proposition provides funding to certain institutions of higher education to achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy. This will establish a new permanent endowment, the Texas University Fund (TUF), with no new taxes, to provide reliable funding for faculty, research and graduate studies at rising universities with proven track records in research and innovation.

Learn more about this amendment from the University of Houston’s proposition overview page which covers which universities are eligible, how its funded, and general benefits. 

Proposition 6: Texas Water Fund

Proposition 6 is the constitutional amendment creating the Texas water fund to assist in financing water projects in the state. The Texas Water Fund would be a special fund created in the state treasury outside the general revenue fund to be administered by the Texas Water Development Board. 

The Texas Water Development Board’s fact sheet and Texas Water Foundation’s fact sheet are excellent resources that may be of use to you during your consideration.

Proposition 7 – Texas Energy Fund

The amendment would establish the Texas Energy Fund in the Texas Constitution to fund the construction, maintenance, modernization, and operation of electric generating facilities. 

Learn more about the amendment from this Spectrum News article which addresses how this proposition came to be, after Texans raised concerns following the February 2021 winter storms. 

Proposition 8 – Broadband Infrastructure

The constitutional amendment creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high-speed broadband access and assist in the financing of connectivity projects.

Learn more about the amendment from this Texas Tribune article which addresses expanding broadband in Texas and has been an ongoing mission since the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted disparities in the state. In the 2021 session, the Legislature established the Broadband Development Office, which released its broadband development map earlier this year.

Proposition 10 – Life Science & Biotech Innovation

The constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation equipment or inventory held by a manufacturer of medical or biomedical products to protect the Texas healthcare network and strengthen our medical supply chain.

Learn more about the amendment from Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute’s proposition 10 guide which covers benefits including: the creation of high-paying jobs, supply chain strength, medical manufacturing attraction, and more. 

If you want to have your voice heard on these important issues, make sure you have a plan to vote! Here are key election dates for you to remember:

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